• We provide excellent on-location sound recording at affordable rates in Montréal.

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  • We can help with Grant Applications, Press Releases, Editing, and other written necessities.


High quality, Crystal-Clear sound is incredibly important for any serious project. From Jam Space Demos to Feature Film Soundtracks, we can work with your schedule and exceed your expectations, all without forcing you onto the dreaded All-Ramen Diet!


The first step towards realizing your vision is being able to communicate your ideas clearly. Simple in concept, often a tad more difficult in application. We’re here to help craft and hone even the most fantastical idea into a clear, resonant pitch.


Here at Captivator, we’ve got a lot of ideas. Big and small, these concepts and stories animate our lives. From our professional lives to more abstract pieces about science, art and the industry; we churn out an impressive array of rants and ruminations that just might give you some inspiration.


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